Thursday, February 2, 2017


The media’s sensitivities are affected this morning because there was a bonfire and breaking of glass at the University of California, Berkeley. Milo Yiannopoulos was at the school to give yet another speech on white supremacy and many students took exception to it. The media is calling this an act of violence.  I call it a revolution.  

This is a group of intelligent, well-educated college students who not only saw their vote thrown in the toilet by an outdated concept created by slave owners, but also watched a foreign government decide their fate.  They are being told that nuclear weapons and the use thereof will be “Big League” escalated in the next 4 years.  They are being told that their non-violent marches are ridiculous and must stop.  They are being heckled and spoken to in a condescending, vicious manner and all the while asked to be good little Americans and keep their mouths shut about their country.  They are told to go about their business as their future and their children’s futures are tied down to the tracks to wait on the fascist train.
America began with violence.  There were many peaceful demonstrations, but in the end the only choice was revolution.  When a sound mind is approached with an idea of the unthinkable, it has no choice but to react.  We were invaded or to quote Keith Olbermann,  “We were invaded, just because there wasn’t blood on the streets…if the Russians had come in wearing cassocks and put him in, I think we would have had a different reaction to it.”
This is the Resistance.  These Americans have the right to fight for their country.  This is not the wars our forefathers fought and not one they could even imagine.  But in the end I believe they would prefer a few chairs thrown through a window to a Nuclear Winter that will destroy the world.

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