Friday, January 11, 2013

Who Elected The NRA?

When did the NRA become a group of elected officials?  Why are they deciding matters of Home Security?  Didn't "We The People" elect men and women to make these decisions? Have American’s decided that the NRA is too powerful for America to fight?  I pray that’s not true.  I pray that we are not all waiting for the NRA to hand down their rulings after each mass killing with an assault weapon.
I live in the South.  I have friends and family who own guns.  I have owned guns.  I learned how to shoot a handgun & I rifle when I was ten.  I would defend any American’s right to own a gun.  But the second amendment to the Constitution is not what the NRA is about.  The NRA is a lobbyist group for a multi-billion dollar gun industry.  They are supporting the selling of military weapons, not just the shotgun my Grandfather kept by the door.  They are responsible for allowing weapons meant for military combat to spill into civilian society with no restrictions.  The NRA is pointing a finger at those who would dare oppose them and saying you are not our idea of an American if you object to any weapon sold in your neighborhood.

Guess what?  I’ll take that chance.  I’ll take the chance Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers had no idea that a weapon like the Bushmaster could be designed.  I’ll also take the chance of being called un- American if that means one less child will die because our government outlawed deadly assault weapons.  If it means our schools are safer I will be called un- American.  If it means my child will not grow up in a military state where every teacher carries a gun, I will be called un- American.   If it means that the people of America are being ruled by the men and women they voted into office, instead of one group looking after the financial interests of an industry, I am willing to be called un-American.
Here’s a news flash; our Constitution had more than one amendment.  Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men who made the Constitution a living and breathing document.  It was to be amended through time as new circumstances presented themselves.  I can say it no better than Thomas Jefferson who stated, “Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the arc of the covenant, too sacred to be touched; who ascribe to the men of the preceding age as wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment. Let us follow no such examples, nor weakly believe that one generation is not as capable as another of taking care of itself, and of ordering its own affairs. Each generation is as independent as the one preceding, as that was of all which had gone before.”  In other words, do not allow the dead to rule the living.
It is time for America to stop fearing groups like the NRA.  We should start living as our Forefathers would have wanted us to live, with audacity of courage to enforce the will of the people.  Rather than waiting for the response of any group we must insist that our government be ruled by the consciences of those we have elected.  If any of those elected officials are afraid or lack what is the essence of a true American then let him or her leave office quickly.  We have much to do to keep our world safe and no time for those with weak stomachs.


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