Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Strange Creature Facts

Yes, these are all true facts with a little Bit of Jules.  
The Japanese beetle is dangerous to humans.  It will eat through an eardrum in a matter of minutes.   One man likened his painful experience in a recent attack to a road trip with five women discussing gender roles in a patriarchy society.

When food is not available in large enough supply, cockroaches will eat each other.  They will tear open the stomach of another roach and eat its insides.  Here is the makings of a Quentin Tarantino movie starring Sigourney Weaver as a militant feminist fighting a patriarchy society in which women are cast in unacceptable gender roles.

Aggressive types of ants such as Pharaoh and Pavement ants are often found in hospitals feasting on wounds, IV solutions, and even consuming moisture near the mouths of newborn infants.  At a Florida hospital in 2010 a 76 year old man was bitten hundreds of times on his legs and genitals by a swarm of flesh-eating ants as he lay in his hospital bed in the intensive care unit.  While hospital officials were concerned over the attack they were far more alarmed by the other three missing patients. 

A leach can suck enough blood in one meal to keep it alive for 9 more months.  The man who confirmed this scientific fact was discovered two months ago in his toolshed.  He refuses to come out and will only take ketchup biscuits for nourishment.

Cat urine glows in the dark.  I am certain of this as my cat had a territorial pissing contest with the dog when we moved into a new house last year.  The cat urine could be seen from the stairs.  The dog urine was an uncomfortable surprise.

Vampire bats drink half their body weight in blood each day.  However, they do not suck the blood.  They cut the flesh in their victim and lick it clean.  I refuse to draw any political parallels to this fact for fear of ending up with more hate mail than I have time to answer this week.

A Viper fish possesses the amazing ability to move all of its internal organs towards its tail in order to make room in its body for a giant meal.  This skill is not indigenous to the Viper fish alone.  A number of patrons who frequent the Circus World Buffet in Gulf port, Mississippi have developed a similar talent for accommodating large portions of bacon wrapped pork pieces and chili cheese potato casserole. 

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