Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Joe Defends Scott Walker

Morning Joe is a personal favorite of mine, or of any independently minded American.  Thursday morning however, was as palatable as an aging Senator groping an unsuspecting Page.  I was confused by Scott Walker being portrayed as a victim of a vicious prank.
Let’s ignore the fact completely that a United States Governor is discussing states business with a financial backer who will be directly affected monetarily by the outcome.  Let’s brush aside the reality that this issue being discussed would make or break the futures of thousands of America’s finest citizens; our teachers, firefighters, and police officers. 
Let’s instead focus on whether or not the journalist involved in the prank call was being honest about his identity. Okay, that's a giant sidestep to the right, but lets try to accommodate. I don’t think he was truthful in his representing himself as David Koch.  I guess that’s why they call it investigative journalism. Maybe if the voters forked over a few million dollars to the government to form an “investigative committee” we could call it Whitewater; than any tactic would be considered within the bounds of Conservative moral sanctity.  When said committee is legally formed, we could not only lie about our true intentions, we could have innocent people harassed and jailed when they refuse to go along with our lie.
Joe Scarborough and  Pat Buchanan however, found it to be a despicable trick on a politician who was doing what is considered in America’s political circles as “Business as Usual”.  After all a true Democratic Government should be run by Americans who have proven themselves worthy of a capitalist society by raking in billions of dollars as a result of investing a few million dollars in political campaigns.  The Koch Brothers weren’t out wasting away the hours saving our children’s minds and lives.  They were investing in America itself, or at least in one of its shameless leaders.

Maybe voters are the ones to blame in this morning’s misunderstanding.  Maybe we should suffer for our naivet√©.  Maybe expecting our elected officials to act in the best interests of the people who elected them instead of the interests of the highest bidder, is just plain dumb. After all, if good men (no sarcasm intended) like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan were unable to even take notice of this elephant in the room, maybe it’s we as the people are the ones who aren’t getting it.

The truth about Morning Joe is, it’s great.  I love hearing the honest nuts and bolts of issues unfettered by the hard skewers of Fox News or The Ed Show. I love how Joe and Mika listen and learn with the rest of us without insults or degrading remarks.  The truth about Thursday morning February 25th is Morning Joe failed to meet its own fairness criteria.  Portraying a person who was caught choosing money over Americans as a victim is puzzling.  Pretending it never happened is an insult.

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