Friday, February 25, 2011

American Lie Exposed In Wisconsin

An American Lie
The worst lie in our country is exposing itself for the world to see in Wisconsin.  A man’s true worth in America is not what is valued by Americans.  Money and power are nurtured, admired, and protected in this great nation.  Though it proved to be a near fatal blow to what was built by the  sweat and sacrifice of our grandparents, many continue blindly to think less of a hard working American than of their affluent bosses.  They consider the blue collar worker average at best.  They’re just another Joe.  But that’s a lie.

Teachers are not just teaching about science, or algebra, or art.  They are creating a new American generation who can cure disease, build rockets, construct buildings that withstand earthquakes, design cars that run all day on a gallon of gas.  How much is that worth?  How many jobs does that create? Isn’t job creation the never ending reward the wealthy always hold over the masses of America?
Police Officers cannot be summed up as a person who writes tickets or breaks up fights.  They are the courageous men and women storming a school building held under siege by a group of angry teenagers.  They are the person pulling your son or daughter from the wreckage of a car.  They are the people we look for to have unabashed bravery, to stand between us and those who would do us harm.  How much is that worth to you?  How much are the lives they save each year worth to our country?
What about our firemen?  Firemen cannot possibly be the guys we clap for on the steps of the capitol after the job is done.  They cannot just be this faceless group of people who find survivors and death in the smoky hallways of bombed out buildings.  They have to be more than just anonymous  hands carrying us to safety, and then trusted to expect nothing but our gratefulness at their heroism.  Please tell me we have more to offer than grateful?  Tell me that those dollars or jobs trickling down from the valued CEO of Koch Industries, is not the only nibble of appreciation we have left on the table?  Surely our forefathers taught us better manners than that.
Today over 40,000 teachers, policemen, firefighters, nurses and workers who build a stronger America everyday are walking around the capital in Wisconsin in protest of the awful lie that suffocates us all.  The lie is that the affluent are individuals who are our only hope.  The lie is that the rich are misunderstood souls who should not be forced to bear the burden of the mess they made.  The insanity perpetuate by this lie is that before America considers asking for the smallest of sacrifice from the top 1% of this nation, we should first ravage the earned wages of our most valuable citizens!  
Wake up America!  Our power, our potential, is the teachers, policemen, firemen, nurses, railroad workers, engineers, construction workers, the geek that fixed my computer last week!  Our future is you!  The wealthy few are not the great wizards in the castle.  They are not the true builders of a better tomorrow.  They are suits behind a curtain whose greed cost American’s their homes and jobs.  In the end it was you who bailed them out.
Do I value a teacher more than a Governor or his wealthy backer?  I value the people who make up a Union, who build a community more than any Governor, who ever drew breath.  My values are whole, unbreakable.  They are not negotiable.  They are not for sale.  They are on sidewalks and streets of Wisconsin, unfailing in their duties to protect the American Dream.   God Bless those people, not with blank smiles or empty promises, but with our whole hearts.

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